Camino de la Zarzuela, s/n, carretera A5, km 24 28670 Villaviciosa De Odon (Madrid)
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Description of Driveland

If you are a lover of the motor world and you are passionate about the sport driving mode, Driveland puts at your disposal your Training Courses so that squeeze the most of the opportunity to drive authentic automobile jewels in the best imagined circuits. We guarantee that after immersing yourself in this world, your knowledge and love for it will be increased to unsuspected limits.

Our operations center is located in Madrid , one of the best Autonomous Communities in terms of driving. You will feel the asphalt in the circuits and the dirt roads in the forest areas, all of them enabled for an exciting, risky and unforgettable sport. Our fleet of vehicles is characterized by its power and reliability, as well as a dream aesthetic. You can ride a BMW 3 Series E46 that features rear-wheel drive and racing equipment, plus a safety cage.

In order to live this adventure, we have developed three modalities according to the area to be covered and the aspects to be controlled of the vehicle. If you want to feel like a true Rally driver, with Rally World you can get it. You will have fun from the first moment, traveling a circuit of earth of the hand of the best professionals. You will practice Slalom and Skid tests with which you will learn to control the size of the car and its traction. You will always receive a theoretical briefing, and then put into practice the assimilated.

With Handling Experience the time will come to focus on total control of the car, displaying your accuracy and the grip of the vehicle. You will learn to get the asphalt in extreme situations, to ensure your safety at any time. Thanks to our exclusive circuit, you will feel that it is specially designed for your characteristics and needs. If you are interested in the aspects of efficiency and safety, with Efficiency & Safety you will learn to read the situations on the road to be able to anticipate any inconvenience and you will receive notions with experience in the State Security Corps.

Power, safety, fun and control form the ideal cocktail in Driveland .

Adventure Sports Villaviciosa De Odon

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