Aero Brettsa

Camí Carrerada s/n 08973 Avinyonet Del Penedes (Barcelona)
Pilot yourself! Flights in light plane

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Description of Aero Brettsa

Aero Brettsa invites you to experience the sensations of light plane flights. You can embark on your first ever experience on board a light plane for 10 minutes, and moreover, you'll be able to participate in the piloting of the plane.

The facilities of the company are complete, it counts with classrooms for theoretical training courses, hangars, bar and many other services.

We rent school aeroplanes with and without an instructor, depending on your experience and the use you want to have from it, either for your own training or for leisure rides.

There is also the option of renting planes with a pilot to make spectacular trips throughout Spanish. These trips are personalized, so that if you specify what you want to visit and how the pilot will make an appropriate route to meet all your needs.

The flights are carried out every day of the week. The schedule varies according to the time of year. Normally the most advisable times are the first hours and last hours of the day.

Contact Aero Brettsa to enjoy great private trips by plane to observe beautiful landscapes that in each season bring you new surprises.

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