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Description of Radikal Airsoft

Airsoft is one of the funniest modes of action sports. We want you to try it in one of the four scenarios that we have set and built so that you get into the most radical adventure you can imagine.

We will leave you all the material although if you have your own, bring it! And you can boast of it before all of us.

The first scenario we have is the scrapping . In it you will find obstacles such as abandoned cars, old tires and a lot of sets that will make you enjoy. Here we usually propose the game of the flag. We will place it in the middle of the field or semi-hidden between the obstacles waiting to see who is the first team that is done with it.

The fort is another of the sets we have built. You can shoot as if you were in a semi-abandoned city and shoot behind the incredible wooden constructions. Houses, forts and even small walls to shelter and shoot your rivals.

We also have more natural scenarios like El Coto . It is a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland where you will move trying to take refuge between trees and leaves and make them the best hiding places.

Although the most special may be the dry river . It is an area full of water at other times and in which there are only small reminiscences such as puddles and streams that appear at certain times of the year.

Contact us to tell us how many you are and prepare to have a great day playing in our facilities.

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