Sioux City

San Agustin 35100 Maspalomas (Gran Canaria)
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Description of Sioux City

The Far West without leaving the island of Gran Canaria. Yes, yes, as you read it. We have recreated a theme park for you to live one of those Indian and cowboy movies in first person.

We have everything for you to sit in a western, you can even see closely typical animals of these films. Ponds with crocodiles (including one albino with red eyes), part with bison and mammals that will give shows and another of poisonous animals with snakes, spiders and other desert animals.

What do you feel like doing in the west? We have paintball games set, rides like real cowboys or playground for the little ones.

In our Sioux City you will continually find shows that will get your attention. Imagine finding yourself a duel in the middle of the street! Knife throwing performances and their mythical halls with shows and pianos.

Attentive! You may have to let some herd of cows pass through our town.

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