Aquariums in Benidorm

Aquariums in Benidorm

Guide of aquariums in Benidorm and marine world. Check prices, exact location, schedules and get all the information of zoos aquariums in Benidorm . The aquariums in Benidorm are perfect for celebrating birthdays, corporate events and incentives, original gifts and activities for children.
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Mundomar is a animal park where you can enjoy them in a unique way. You can come and make a conventional visit visiting and admiring all the specimens that live with us, as well as attending the various shows we have. But, also, you can live a much deeper experience in our park. From Mundomar we suggest you become a animal caretaker for a day . You can feed several animals such as meerkats and toucans and you can even surround yourself with one of the species, pet them and play with them. For this work the Saimiris are very friendly. In addition, you can swim for 40 minutes with our sea lions, always accompanied by a monitor to ensure your safety to that of animals. In Mundomar we also have a great training offer . Classes can go to our park and enjoy together feeding the lemurs, penguins and sea lions. Classes will be taught on the life and characteristics of each animal in the open air, which will create a lively and relaxed atmosphere in which children will learn very easily. (Aquariums Benidorm)

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