Beer Bike Tour in Tarifa

Beer Bike Tour in Tarifa

All bicibirra in Tarifa rental companies . Prices and offers of bicibirra in Tarifa so you can enjoy cycling around your city and having beers from a bachelor party or any original, fun and different celebration.
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Beer Bike Tarifa
Company Tarifa (Cádiz)

Can you imagine enjoying an open beer bar while pedaling with your family and friends? Stop imagining it and make it happen in Beer Bike Tarifa . We offer you one of the best walks on the beach, while riding a common bicycle pedaling and drinking quietly. Discover why this activity is all the rage in the world and why more and more events are taking place on wheels. Our routes in the Bicibar have a duration of 90 minutes during which you will visit the best landscapes of this great city tasting some delicious openings washed down with the best beer. For those who are not lovers of this drink, we have free bara of summer red, ideal for the summer months. Do not stay without enjoying an activity that will be filled with laughter and that will become a totally uninvitable memory. You will be accompanied by a driver who will mark the course of the crossing. You don't have to worry because the pedaling is very smooth , you just have to make a brief boost. Nor will you notice that you are exercising while enjoying as never surrounded by your friends. You can come with us just for a walk or take advantage and celebrate your birthday, your bachelor party or any other event. You can even make the trip at night, being the perfect prelude to a great early morning in Tarifa. The bike will not only be equipped to eat and drink, you will also be listening to the best music and you will have up to a microphone ! Do not hesitate to use it and be the life of the party. You will have a great time singing, dancing, shouting, drinking ... You will not find a better combination! Beer Bike Tarifa puts at your disposal your Bicibar so you can spend unique moments. (Beer Bike Tarifa)

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