Beer Bike Tour in Islas Baleares

Beer Bike Tour in Islas Baleares

All bicibirra in Islas Baleares rental companies . Prices and offers of bicibirra in Islas Baleares so you can enjoy cycling around your city and having beers from a bachelor party or any original, fun and different celebration.

All the Beer Bike Tour companies in Islas Baleares

Bicibirra Mallorca
Company Son Servera (Mallorca)

The largest of the Balearic Islands already has its bike available to cycle through its streets while sharing the best moments in a group. You can rent this peculiar invention to be the protagonist of any of your celebrations. In bachelor parties no longer... (Beer Bike Islas Baleares)

BeerBike Costa
Company Palma De Mallorca (Mallorca)

BeerBike Costa presents the newest activity that everyone is loving so much. What we suggest is that you combine the two activities that, at first glance, don't seem to get along, but we have united the4 impossible.  What do you think about going on a bike ride accompanied by all your... (Beer Bike Islas Baleares)

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