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Descripción de Cazaventuras Madrid Boat Trips

Do you want to know the Cantabrian Sea and all its secrets? With Larrinaga-Santín you can spend a day aboard one of our boats on an unforgettable ride.

We propose boat trips of different types. You can choose between riding on a sailboat, enjoying the comforts of a yacht or sailing on a schooner heading for a day full of fun.

The routes start in Bilbao and Getxo and we will take you along the cliffs that surround the coast of the province of Vizcaya. You will cross the Cantabrian whitewater and enjoy the waves and sea breeze of the area in an unbeatable company.

We have prepared different types of excursion, you can choose between a shorter half-day route, another somewhat longer one in which you will sail the seas for a whole day and, if you want to soak yourself thoroughly in life aboard a ship you can choose the option for a full weekend.

You can choose from a large number of routes that we have designed to enjoy the sea in the best possible way.

We recommend this activity for groups that want to celebrate differently. We will propose routes where you can watch cetaceans, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries on board, enjoy a sunset Chill-out on board and, if you prefer, we will organize specific sailing courses or the type of boat you choose.

Contact Larrinaga-Santín for any questions that may arise and we will try to solve all your questions.

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