Assua Activa Bungee Jumping

Avenida Generalitat 55 25560 Sort (Lleida)
Hanging from the bridge after the jump Observing the ground from the bridge

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Description of Assua Activa Bungee Jumping

With Àssua Activa can do bungee jumping in the Catalan Pyrenees. The facilities we use as a base are located in Pallars Sobirá. This is where we will meet to go to our usual bungee site.

Some aspects you should bear in mind before jumping:

- Bungee jumping is a regulated activity that cannot be carried out at any location, it must be done on the bridges authorized for it. This guarantees your safety, as we know well the place, the equipment and the exact places where we make the anchorages.

- Be aware that this is an extreme sport and you must be sure that it is for you. Of course, we guarantee that you won't regret it. While we equip you with a harness and tie the ropes, we will tell you how to move and behave during the jump.

- Forget the legends, you won't suffer any dangerous jerk of your body, because the equipment is designed for the activity. Neither will you jump with a rope too long and hit the ground or the water, if we are jumping over a river, because we have calculated its length to the inch.

Find us in the beautiful village of Sort, in the direction of Rialp. Come wearing comfortable sports clothes.

Bungee Jumping Sort

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