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Carretera Casasimarro Km 1 16220 Quintanar Del Rey (Cuenca)
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Description of CentroAventura Bungee Jumping

In Centro Aventura we help you make the most special leap of your life doing bungee jumping in the vicinity of Albacete . Keep in mind that this activity is carried out only at points that have been authorized because in them it is possible to meet all safety requirements. That's why we go with you to Casas de Ibáñez where the perfect bridge is for you to launch.

With this bungee jump you will experience a fall to 20 meters on the ground with a pendulum-shaped movement after braking. Each phase of the experience is amazing:

- Preparation with the material: the instructor will put the harness through which he will hold you to the rest of the anchors.

- Explanation of the instructions for a good jump: listen carefully where to place yourself, right on the edge of the bridge structure so you don't bump into anything. When you are well placed, the instructor releases the last safety rope and you can throw yourself.

The usual schedule of bungee jumping in Casas de Ibáñez is at 9.30 in the morning . If you are of age, all you need to keep in mind is to be in good health, without heart disease or back injury.

Bungee Jumping Quintanar Del Rey

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