Bungee Jumping in Gran Canaria

Bungee Jumping in Gran Canaria

Bungee Jumping in Gran Canaria: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in bungee jumping companies in Gran Canaria. Bungee jump in Gran Canaria is a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.
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Company Las Palmas De Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria)
Aventura en Canarias
15€ per person
3 Prices
32 reviews
Company Maspalomas (Gran Canaria)
2 reviews
Company San Mateo (Gran Canaria)
Gran Canaria Salto al Vacio
18 reviews
Company Montaña Cardones (Gran Canaria)
Walkcan Discovering Canaries
Company Las Palmas De Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria)
Climbo Rocks
Company Vecindario (Gran Canaria)
Yukan Outdoor Gran Canaria

Tips if you are going to do Bungee Jumping in Gran Canaria

If you want to go bungee jumping in Gran Canaria, we help you by telling you which are the main jumping zones, the companies that provide this activity, like also several advises to make this activity the best one in your life!

Bungee Jumping in Gran Canaria is one of the few ways, among adventure sports, we have to experience that sensation of falling into the nothing with a free fall. Is the easiest and most accessible due to it can be done by anyone who doesn’t suffer from any severe muscular illness, heart conditions or is pregnant. Minors can also jump, normally from the age of 16, and brings an authorization from its parents or responsible tutor.

To feel eager to do it, here, you have a video about a bungee jump in Gran Canaria:

There exist several schools and companies that will organize your bungee jump. Nevertheless, one the characteristics of this activity are that the perfect place for it needs to be found to guarantee a safe adventure.

That’s why the activity takes place in the La Calzada bridge, less known as the La Angostura bridge. This name corresponds with that landscape we will from its structure that connects both sides of the ravine.

La Calzada bridge is located in the Tafira zone and has 26 meters in height. It will provide us with a 1-second fall and one that concentrates a very high dose of intensity at so little time. To arrive, you will need to take the GC 320 road, in the direction to Santa Brígida, but if you don’t have your own vehicle or are only celebrating your holidays in the island, there will be transportation services that will pick you up from your hotel or wherever you are.

Jumpers safety is guaranteed when everything is respected, including the material that is prepared for a maximum of 135 kilos although this exclusive requirement will be set by your instructor when you reserve the jump. The harnesses hold your legs or waist and the monitor will be placed in the correct way before going to the platform that has enabled the bridge for this adventure.

When booking an individual bungee jump in La Calzada, you can talk with the instructor about how you want to do it. You can choose the basic one or, if you are repeating the experience, try other alternatives to increase the adrenaline feeling, with postures that Superman or jumping backward, among other ways.

The ideal thing is to try several ways on the same day and to do that, you need to book the offer that includes two jumps for the same price as one.

You will pay a lower price for your jump if you are part of a group, if not, they will indicate the dates on which it is available for you to join individually.

A variant with an even more extreme touch is the rope jump. It is advised to those who have already done bungee jumping although if you are clear that you want to start with this jumping experience you can also do it. It is a spectacular version in which the bridge is changed by the cliffs of El Puertillo. This way you jump over the Atlantic Ocean thanks to a system of ropes that takes you away from the rocks during the fall.

To rope jump in Gran Canaria a system composed by a total of 4 harnesses and 3 ropes that reinforce the participant's safety to the limit. There are 30 meters of the jump for which a minimum group of 5 people is requested or that you sign up to the appointment that is planned of which the organizers will inform you previously in detail so that you do not miss it.

To get to the Puertillo you have a car park which is accessed via GC-2, known as Carretera del Norte. To locate it, leave this road before reaching the kilometer 9 milestone.

Opinions of our adventurers who have done this activity

Mario Minunno
5 Very good
"magnificent Salto"
Salto amazing, safely. Iris was great, the staff makes you feel secure and gives you advice. They have helmets with GoPro attack, so you can make the video of their first jump. According pay jump, but you can not not do it. Many people, there is... View more a bit 'to wait, but well worth it! To try!!
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5 Very good
"Excellent service, great jump!"
A review in English for those of you looking for some excitement while on Gran Canaria: This organization is simply great. Dealing with them on the phone was a pleasure, dealing with them ahead of the jump. Friendly, professional and reassuring,... View more and all three of those things are important when you get up to the jumping platform for your first jump! They frequently replace their equipment, so you re-jumping with new or almost new ropes and harnesses. Everything is double or triple-secured - two harnesses, three ropes. The bridge is easy to get to from Las Palmas, and is set in a really nice location. They 've done this before - by the time you show up to jump, everything is set up and ready to go. Ropes are tied down, music (of your choice) is playing, and refreshments are in the cooler. Maybe the coolest thing about jumping with Jump to the Vacuum is that they photograph and film your jump (they have a GoPro camera on your helmet, and another one on a pole). A few days after your jump, they discreetly post it on YouTube, so you can relive or share the experience. I should add that there's no additional charge for that, so you get all of this for a mere 20 Euros - a bargain at twice the price. As I say, highly recommended, and intend to jump one more time before leaving the Canaries.
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Ada Valente
4 Good
"Overall, okay"
I did puenting with them and the truth was very quick, they do not explain much, I guess because there is not much to say, I dare not, To jump alone, To push me and so forth. They did it, not bad, but I was left there, Hours and hours. I wish... View more some monitor had waited for me down the bridge to remove the carabiners and accompany me up the road, instead of doing it alone, but there was only one monitor to perform the activity and I was up on the bridge. > Also when asking to be pushed, I could not take photos, which is a shame and something that would have been solved if they put more personal. The monitor very simple, so in general, well.
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5 Very good
"Hello good day,"
Hello good day, The activity with the guys from Salto al Vacío was wonderful. Not only for doing the bungee jumping, but for everything that surrounds you, that is, the atmosphere, the information, the security and tranquility that they transmit... View more ... I had a great time, the atmosphere before and after the jump is brutal, very lively And excellent human treatment. I found them magnificent people. In fact, as soon as I can repeat it again with them. The time I jumped with Aloextrem it was all a lot more boring ... I definitely give them a 10 to Jump to the Void. Greetings. Fran
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Company in Las Palmas De Gran Canaria
Sonja · Hi is it possible to go Bunge jumping on Thursday?
Company in Las Palmas De Gran Canaria
Shane · I’m in meloneros how far is it from me ?
Company in Vecindario
Isabelle · or 15/02/2018 or 16/02/2018;
Company in Maspalomas
Andrea · Hola bungee jumping en mas palomas?
Company in Las Palmas De Gran Canaria
Alexandra · Hi, me and my mom is interested in Bungee jumping week 14. What does is cost? Do I have to book now or can I decide when we come to Gran canaria?