La Borda del Pubill Bungee Jumping

Carretera Tavascán Km 9,5 25570 Ribera De Cardos (Lleida)
Enjoy being in the air Have you ever done bungee jumping? Do you dare to do it? Jump to the void Pure adrenaline Jumping to the void whilst holding from the rope

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Description of La Borda del Pubill Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is one of those activities that always give you an adrenaline rush. With this fun activity, La Borda del Pubil allows you to test your abilities and to overcome your fear of height. We conduct the sessions in Ribera de Cardós, in the region of Lleida.

Before jumping off, you will be equipped with a harness that will be connected to the bridge by climbing ropes. We will explain to you what is the correct way to jump and you will have to get up the rail of the bridge to jump off. The jump will take you to water level. This is a unique experience for adventurers who don't fear anything.

Some people jump backward because they think that it is less scary and some other jump head down. Once they have jumped off, people normally scream, although we don't know if they scream of fear or happiness. What is sure that once you are again on the ground, you will want to repeat the experience.

A certified instructor will accompany you during the activity, making sure that the harnesses are fixed properly and taking care of your safety all the time. The activity is subject to the weather conditions.

Come and try bungee jumping in Ribera de Cardós with La Borda del Pubil! Are you up for it?

Bungee Jumping Ribera De Cardos

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