Roc Roi Bungee Jumping

Plaça Biuse, 8 25595 Llavorsi (Lleida)
Bungee jumping with Roc Roi Jumping off the bridge Flying after the jump

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Description of Roc Roi Bungee Jumping

Do you love everything extreme? Then you can not miss out on the bungee jumps we have prepared for you. At Roc Roi, we are passionate about all those activities that imply having an adrenaline rush and strong emotions, so if you would like to have great experiences, you can count on us.

The bridges of the area of the Pallares are ideal to jump into the void being only held by a rope. We will travel along the Noguera Pallares river, looking for the bridge that best suits your needs. If you are a beginner, we will look for a bridge with a lower height and if you are a bungee jumping enthusiast, we will look for the highest and most impressive bridges in the region.

One of our favorite bridges is the one close to the town of Esterri Aneu, a bridge full of charm, in the middle of a beautiful landscape.

To make it unforgettable, we include a video and photo service to capture all your movements during the jump, so you can show it to all your friends and acquaintances.

Don't wait any longer, come do bungee jumping with us. We promise that you will have a day full of strong emotions and pure fun.

Bungee Jumping Llavorsi

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