Sensació Pirineus Bungee Jumping

Avenida de Espanya 25620 Tremp (Lleida)
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Description of Sensació Pirineus Bungee Jumping

If you want to break your routine and do a perfect activity that everyone should do (at least) once in a lifetime, then come to get to know us, because at Sensació Pirineus we have everything you need for a perfect visit in the Pyrenees... about 100 feet above the ground!

Many people use this opportunity to declare their love to the person they love so much, others want to surprise a special someone, their partner or a friend to celebrate his or her birthday or future marriage. There are also those who would like to face up to their fears and others who are just looking to have a good time.

We'll equip you with a helmet, a harness and several ropes that will provide you all the safety you need and you will be ready to jump!

We have the perfect bungee jump for everyone. Come wearing comfortable clothes and shoes (that fit your feet as well as possible) and get ready to experience the most intense sensation of your life. Somewhat brief, yes, but you will remember it forever.

There are minimum health requirements to be able to carry out this activity, such as having no back or heart problems. If you are pregnant you won't be allowed to jump.

Bungee Jumping Tremp

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