Evecan Safari Aventura Camel Riding

Riegos 39193 Soano (Cantabria)
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Description of Evecan Safari Aventura Camel Riding

In Evecan Safari Adventure our routes on camels and camels run through the end of the Cantabrian town of Noja. Come to know the dromedaries of EVECAN and discover the nature of Cantabria in the most special way you could imagine, in dromedary.

An adventure where you can see animals in semi-freedom as you cross forest and mountain landscapes on the backs of these fantastic animals.

We have more than 15 dromedaries, being able to make routes of up to 30 people at the same time.

A route of 1 hour, which accommodates young and old, a perfect route to share with family or friends and of which you will surely not lose memory.

And if you come with children you can see our dromedary babies.

We are waiting for you!

Camel Riding Soano

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