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Calle Manso, 3 33203 Gijón (Asturias)
 Learning to use the shovel Sailing  Double canoe  Shared work  Dominating the sea  Learning in the canoe

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Description of gijónAventura Canoe Kayak

GijónAventura intends to give all lovers of canoeing the opportunity to train you in Asturias and enjoy this sport in its different modalities.

With our courses , taught by professionals trained in the Community canoeing school, you will learn the important theoretical part of canoeing that you will then put into practice.

You will know the material , how to use the shovel, the position on the boat, sideways movements, maneuvers and wave and safety techniques, Among many other things. You will become experts in canoeing!

The places where we will sail will be the Cantabrian Sea or the Sella River . The duration of these classes will be 5 hours that we will distribute between two days and will be focused on those people who have some type of previous experience or course of initiation.

Each monitor will control 5 students at most and you can choose to specialize between skiing, kayaking or sea kayaking, whitewater and, of course, competition canoeing .

Any day of the year will be perfect to start, so apply for a place ... and enjoy!

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