Canoe Kayak in Parada (Castrelo De Miño)

Canoe Kayak in Parada (Castrelo De Miño)

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Club Nautico Castrelo de Miño
Company Parada (Castrelo De Miño) (Orense)

The Nautical Club Castrelo de Miño Canoeing puts at your disposal the possibility of taking courses in the aquatic modality of canoeing for all levels and people. The courses will last one working week, (Monday through Friday). From our school we adapt to the schedules of the students, since classes can be received in the morning or in the afternoon being necessary to cover a minimum of 16 hours. Classes will be divided into theory and practice, so that from the first moment we can experience the sensation of slipping on the water in a canoe. The courses will be held in school boats with capacity for 1 or 2 people, no matter the level. At all times the students will be accompanied by an expert monitor who will advise them and correct the errors. To guarantee the quality of the teaching, during the entire course one of the Club Nautico Castrelo de Miño monitors will assess the student's progress. If at the end it is considered that you have achieved the previously marked objectives, you will be given an accrediting Diploma. Club Nautico Castrelo de Miño Canoeing has an official regatta course "Sistema Albano" and the conditions it gathers for rowing are magnificent. If you want to receive more information, contact Club Náutico Castrelo de Miño and we will send it to you immediately so you can come to enjoy as soon as possible. (Canoe Kayay Parada (Castrelo De Miño))

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