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Cerdanya 17529 Puigcerda (Girona)
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Description of Energy Aventura Canyoning

With Energy Adventure Canyoning you can enjoy the wonderful aquatic activity of canyoning. It is a very requested activity, and totally safe. Our activities will be carried out with the supervision of our expert monitors who will indicate the safety regulations so that the sport is carried out without any problem.

Our activities are divided according to the level of descent and the age of the participants , so we have the following options to choose the one that suits you best:
  • Initiation: This stage is for all those who have no experience in the sport of canyoning. It will be held in safe and quiet places, it can be done from the age of seven. It will last between two and four hours in which the monitors will teach you to manage the river flow. For the spring season we will visit ravines such as Forat Negre, Thues aigua thermal, Bordonera, Bòixols. While for the summer season it will be held in Encantades inferiors, Encantades integrals.
  • Improvement: In this practice, the movements that the people who participate already know will be improved, so a minimum of experience is required to perform it. The minimum age in this case is twelve years , and children will always have to be accompanied by an adult, except on school trips. The monitors will teach you to improve your techniques for about four or five hours. We will enjoy this activity in the ravines of Pas de l’escanell, La corba for the spring season, and in those of Gorges del llech, L’artiga for the summer season.
  • Advanced: This activity is dedicated to all lovers of canyoning, great knowledge is required for practice. And at this stage you will simply enjoy the descent of ravines with certain difficulties, the route will be marked by the guide and the people over 16 years of age may participate in it, and minors always under the supervision of a adult. This sports modality is only carried out in the summer season and will be in the gorges of Gorges de Núria and Gorges de Cady.

In the activities you will have all the necessary safety equipment, you can check the great quality of all the instruments, they are the most innovative in the market because the important thing is the safety of all the participants.

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