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Description of Enroca2 Canyoning

The canyoning is a sport that falls in love with everyone who practices it. It gives you the chance to discover hidden corners that you don't even imagine exist. And is that being able to move through ravines with total security allows you to access places that would be impossible to reach otherwise.

In Enroca2 we want to offer you canyoning activities created to suit you so you can enjoy unparalleled landscapes and adventure experiences that you will always remember.

There are several types of canyoning depending on the terrain: it can be practiced in dry sections and in aquatic stretches of ravines, and sometimes it is especially interesting to practice it to access caves and recesses that are otherwise inaccessible.
In these activities we can enter very special corners that will make the experience a moment to enjoy with the five senses.

These are the canyoning activities we offer you:

-Branking in Alicante : Come down the Barranco del Infierno. It is a dry limestone canyon that is divided into several sections. The difficulty of the activity is medium since the duration is somewhat high (about four hours). You can practice all year.

-Barranquismo in Valencia : Dare with the Barranco Bercolon, a descent of medium difficulty and about four hours long. It has dry areas and other stretches of water ravine.

-Branking in Valencia: If you feel more like exploring a cave, you'll love the Cave of Wonders. As the name implies, it will not leave you indifferent. It is an activity of medium difficulty and about three hours long.

-Branking in Alicante: Come to the Barranco de Maimona. It is located in the municipality of Montanejos, and is a perfect activity to start in this discipline. It is a water ravine with impressive landscapes and the activity lasts about four hours.

We also teach canyoning courses in which we will teach you everything you need to practice it. With us you will learn to get all the security tools used in the activity to use them correctly, as well as to save the unexpected and improve your techniques and your movements.

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