Galicia Aventura Canyoning

Quintáns 15280 Brión (Brión) (A Coruña)
 Group fun Barranco Santa Baia  In group  Among the rocks  Amazing landscapes

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Description of Galicia Aventura Canyoning

Do you like emotion? Galicia Aventura offers you the possibility of canyoning in the Galician community.

Mix nature and landforms in a day of fun: oaks, alders, extensive blankets of moss will follow with walks, natural slides and waterfalls. Knowledge and fun complement each other in this adventure.

We do this sport through well-known Galician ravines:

-Barranco Santa Baia.

-Barranco del Ezaro.

-Barranco Barbanza.

-Barranco Verdugo Ponte Caldelas.

-Barranco Riberiños.

We adapt to all levels , for this reason we offer different ravines where to carry out the activity.

The minimum age we require is 14 years, since it is an activity that requires physical strength that a child does not possess.

Live nature in a very different way and discover landscapes that you didn't think were accessible.
Come enjoy!

Canyoning Brión (Brión)

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