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Cervera de Pisuerga, s/n 34840 Cervera De Pisuerga (Palencia)
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 We cross the ravine  Inside the current  Ready to jump to the river  Natural slide  Waterfall with the force of water  Descent of the waterfall with rappel

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Description of Palencia Activa Canyoning

With Palencia Activa Barranquismo you will be able to go inside the mountain and cross the obstacles that the riverbed presents.

The canyoning allows you to try different techniques within the same sport. To be able to advance from the beginning of a stream you must use the abseil, slide down slides or jump between waterfalls. One of our specialized monitors will show you the best way to face the road at all times.

We take care of providing you wetsuit and booties so that you can unwind comfortably in the sections where you will be submerged in the water. In addition you will wear a helmet and a harness with which to get attached to the ropes when necessary. Do not forget to bring comfortable and suitable footwear for this type of discipline.

We operate in:

- El Barranco del Cardaño: it is our proposal of initiation with a total duration of two hours and an approximation of about 25 minutes that we will travel under the Murcia Peak. It will give us the opportunity to descend several waterfalls rappelling and have fun on rock slides.

- El Barranco del Mazobre: ​​takes the name of a large waterfall 25 meters high in which we will finish. It requires an approximate approach to one hour until its birth on the north slope of Espigüete and it will take us three hours to get off.

This activity is not dangerous and will allow you to know corners in the nature of difficult access.

Canyoning Cervera De Pisuerga

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