Carriage Riding in Spain

Carriage Riding in Spain

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Company Paterna De Rivera (Cádiz)
Club hípico La Janda
60€ per person
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Company Calp/calpe (Alicante)
40€ per person
1 Prices
Company Vielha/viella (Lleida)
Escuela de Equitacion Vall D´Aran
Company Entrena (La Rioja)

Tips if you are going to do Carriage Riding in Spain

All the related experiences with the equestrian world are marvelous, but there is a specific one that has a special enchanted touch. This is a carriage tour with horses, that allows you to enjoy a tradition that goes back centuries but that stays in time because everyone who tries it, falls in love.
1. Live the horsemanship in a different way

Even though is relatively easy to find equestrian center, where you can participate in a horseback tour or take a riding class, it is not so frequent to find centers that allows us to live the experience of riding a carriage. Is a more inclusive activity, through which we can feel much more relaxed and dedicate ourselves to enjoy the landscapes while the driver takes the reins of the horses.
Live the horsemanship in a different way
Celebrate a very special moment
2. Celebrate a very special moment

An activity like this one is perfect to accompanying it with an important date, from a birthday or a communion and even a wedding. Your pictures will be spectacular with that report that is made whilst you are riding a horse’s carriage! Also, of you get married and want to leave everyone gasping, nothing like the bride arriving at the ceremony in a carriage, like an authentic princess.
3. Explore comfortably new places

If you are in your holidays and would like to meet the surroundings in a different way, maybe you should consider on taking a good car ride. The experience is not limited to sit and watch the time pass, but the driver is also your guide, and he is talking about the places you are going through, so that you leave with a very broad knowledge of the region. A very enriching session!
Explore comfortably new places
Participate in the traditional parties
4. Participate in the traditional parties

Historically, a lot of popular festivities in Spain, including pilgrimages in which carriages are a fundamental element. This occurs especially in Andalusia with its traditional fairs and of course the best known is that of El Rocío, in Huelva. If you want to immerse yourself in these festivities and traditions, your best decision will be to hire a horse-drawn carriage to experience everything from within. You will want to return year after year.
5. Seize it to enjoy rural tourism

Since you will do an activity in the natural environment, you can seize the occasion and pass several days in near rural house, visit other places of the zone and try the local gastronomy. It can be the escapade you need to return with recharged energies!
Seize it to enjoy rural tourism
Would you like to try a carriage trip?

Even though you can find cars in different zones, the place with more possibilities is Huelva, and is because their rociera tradition, the horse-dragged carriage is a fundamental element of their culture. In Barcelona, you can also find several options to ride a carriage.

Carriage rides are not limited to one season, but can be done throughout the year, but you should always take into account the temperature and weather, as most cars are discovered, so you should be well protected from the inclemency of weather.