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Description of Geoexplorers Caving

Let yourself be carried away by your adventurous spirit and sign up for one of our risky and exciting activities. We propose you to make an excursion to the cavities that exist under the ground that we step on.

This adventure sport is known as caving and is nothing other than the descent to the underground caves to investigate the different formations found in them. It is a completely separate world that we know and that you can finally visit with Geoexplorers.

Our caving outing is done in the Majadillas . A wonderful cave located in the town of Sacecorbo, in Guadalajara. In this underground cavern there are a lot of different formations such as: underground streams, castings produced by the erosion that occurs in minerals With the passage of time, rooms with stalactites and stalagmites formed of rock and earth and a long etcetera of hidden secrets that can only be seen performing this activity.

Caving Madrid (Ciudad)

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