Albergue Montes de Anaga Climbing Walls

El Bailadero, Parque Rural de Anaga 38129 Chamorga (Tenerife)
 Climbing walls  Anaga Mountain  Anaga Rural Park  Views from the mountain  Road of the turns  Area of ​​steep walls

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Description of Albergue Montes de Anaga Climbing Walls

In the Montes de Anaga Rocódromo Hostel we take care of introducing you to the world of climbing while you spend a few days resting in this mountain range. You will be in a safe environment where learn to climb safely and without any of the dangers of starting this activity in nature.

Mountains and rock walls rise around our facilities that you could not face without some previous experience. In our climbing wall zero parts, you don't need to have any knowledge to start the ascent. These are our reasons:

- Full control of the exercise because you will not depend on external elements such as wind or unforeseen weather changes.

- You will be subjected to artificial dams that are constantly checked to avoid landslides and accidents.

- You will learn to balance your body and make use of the strength of your limbs.

- The material and the ropes cannot deteriorate with the projections of the natural rock.

This physical exercise will keep you fit and motivate you to go out as soon as possible to get to know Anaga Mountain. As you become a climber you will be surrounded by pure air, landscapes, animals and native plants.

Climbing Walls Chamorga

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