Climbing Walls in Los Yebenes

Climbing Walls in Los Yebenes

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Company Los Yebenes (Toledo)

If you want to learn to climb with everything under control, try the Anticyclone climbing wall in Los Yébenes. Our installation is included in a multi-adventure tower that will impress you as soon as you see it. Dare to face it by preparing yourself with some of the keys we tell you: - It is 9 meters high , so you should forget about vertigo. Instead of looking down, look at the surroundings because you will find the landscapes of the Montes de Toledo. It will be worth it. - It is made up of different exits and routes so that it is easy for you to ascend from the beginning by subjecting you to dams placed at strategic distances. - In addition, it is completed with a zip line and bridges based on ropes so you can discharge tension after the ascent. Before climbing, the instructor will put on a safety helmet and hold you to a harness so you are sure if your strength fails. (Climbing Walls Los Yebenes)

12€ per person
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