Martin Elorza guias de montaña Climbing

Reina Regente, 5 3º 20003 Donostia san Sebastian (Guipúzcoa)
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Description of Martin Elorza guias de montaña Climbing

In Martin Elorza mountain guides we take you to this beautiful natural environment so you can enjoy watching him and doing the sports that produce more adrenaline. This way we will enjoy the mountain in the most active and direct way of all.

To this end, from Martin Elorza mountain guides , we take you to climb through the most beautiful mountains of our environment such as the Pyrenees or the Picos de Europa . We can also go to discover the Basque Mountain or the Alps , you choose the place, level of difficulty, duration, we leave everything in your hands.

These mountain climbing routes said above, we always do them in the company of the best instructors, climbing specialists and with many years of experience accumulated. In addition, we have the best and most modern security systems so we will have nothing to fear during our ascent.

Once at the top you will only have to contemplate the impressive views that will open to our eyes and marvel at the challenges we have managed to overcome.

So that you can come with us to do these routes without any problem we have designed a series of climbing courses for those people who are not yet familiar with the sport. With us you will start from scratch to end up being expert climbers and be able to join the most extreme experiences.

To this end we have initiation classes to climbing in which we will learn the basic procedures of this sport. Then comes the improvement course in which we will begin to make somewhat more complicated ascents in which we will improve our technique and consolidate the previously acquired knowledge. Finally we have the mountain climbing course in which we will show you everything you need so you can join us on our different routes. We will teach you from the ascent techniques, safety measures, you will learn to handle the material, assure your colleagues ...

Everything you've always wanted to live in the mountains awaits you at Martin Elorza mountain guides .

Climbing Donostia san Sebastian

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