Ocho Cumbres Climbing

Calle Victoria, 15 29013 Málaga (Ciudad) (Málaga)
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Description of Ocho Cumbres Climbing

If you want to discover an adventure sport that allows you to be in full contact with nature and reinforce values ​​such as self-improvement and effort, Climbing is your best option. Ocho Cumbres makes several departures through different areas of Malaga, with the aim of crowning the best peaks of the Andalusian mountains. From the hand of the best professionals, you will be able to progress and grow in this sport in a short space of time.

Thanks to the Climbing you will be able to know first-hand the nature of our land, knowing its behavior and the change that it produces during the different times of the year. You will be accompanied by a titled monitor that will instruct you and ensure your safety at all times. Our team consists of mountain technicians and teaching specialists, for those looking to enjoy this activity through the courses.

Whatever your experience , with us you can climb as you always wanted. In addition, you will acquire notions of the environment and materials, knowing their placement and operation before embarking on the adventure. Both during the ascent and on your arrival to the top, you will enjoy stunning views that delight all users who can enjoy them. You will get spectacular panoramic views and bird's eye views that will make you feel truly privileged.

Waste adrenaline and use the steep walls to make the mountain yours, with the activity of Eight Mountain Climbing .

Climbing Málaga (Ciudad)

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