Pindongos Climbing

El Cortijuelo, 1 29313 El Cortijuelo (Villanueva Del Trabuco) (Málaga)
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Description of Pindongos Climbing

If you are a lover of the mountain and the heights from Pindongos we give you the possibility of combining both passions in an activity of the most active and exciting. We suggest you join us and get ready to discover the incredible sensation caused by climbing the walls of the mountains as if you were a spider.

We talk about climbing and that is, with Pindongos , you can enjoy this exciting sport at the top of your lungs.

We will move to the best mountains of Andalusia in search of impressive walls to climb and, if you want, you can also accompany us on our farthest trips to discover what the rest of the Spanish geography can offer us.

We have offers for all people and levels. You can come to climb with Pindongos whether it is the first time that you are embarking on the adventure as if you are already true experts in this discipline. We will always look for the ideal wall for each participating group in order to live the day to the fullest, lose the fear of climbing and be able to finish the ascent with success and lots of fun.

You just have to call us and tell us what your level is and what you want to do. We will immediately start designing a unique and unrepeatable day so that your climbing day becomes an unforgettable memory.

Climbing El Cortijuelo (Villanueva Del Trabuco)

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