Tierraventura Cazorla Climbing

Carretera de Burunchel s/n A319 km 16,5 23476 La Iruela (Jaén)
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Description of Tierraventura Cazorla Climbing

From Tierraventura Cazorla Escalada we propose an activity that will make you feel like a spider climbing all kinds of vertical walls, equip yourself with a harness and get ready to test your own limits, feeling the satisfaction of seeing how you overcome them.

We are talking about an activity that truly puts the adventurer face to face with nature. Proposing a challenge that will measure the resistance of your physical and mental strength. You will feel the personal satisfaction of seeing how you overcome the challenges you propose.

We make it very easy, since we give you everything done. We put the material: harnesses, helmet, ropes, insurance ... We also provide you with the help of our experienced group of monitors, as well as all Accident and R.C insurance needed to start.

Feel the sensation of fighting the gravity and hardness of the rock through an exciting practice that puts you in direct contact with nature in its purest form. An opportunity to satisfy your desire for new adventures.

Get in touch with us and live the adventure of vertical ascension in first person.

Climbing La Iruela

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