4x4 trip in el Valle de Ribes, 2 h

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Fontanals De Cerdanya (Girona)
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Description of 4x4 trip in el Valle de Ribes, 2 h

Visit the natural parades and the most inhospitable places of Ripolles, which offer panoramic views of el Valle de Ribes. It is composed of trips by 4x4, combined with short walks to reach the inaccessible places with the 4x4, where you'll be able to enjoy nature and the Pyrinean environment.

The trips by 4x4 are suitable for everyone and from every age.

With respect to the required equipment to perform the trips, is enough that you come with confortable footwear and clothes.

The level of physical exigency depends on the route chosen. In this case it is better to comment it to us when renting, and we will be able to adapt to the best routes according to your preferences.

Our trips are guided. The activity is performed with our 4x4 vehicles; however there is the possibility of doing numerous trips with any type of owned all terrain vehicle (comment with us the particular cases).
Our guides will introduce you to the environment and will make you experts of any detail of the routes that you travelled through.

We have a wide variety of offers of routes and ther eis the possibility of organizing tailored tours in other areas different than the usual ones.

Depending on your profile we have diverse recommended trips:
  • Familiar trips: Children are always looking for activity and adventure, so in this offer there is a combination of the 4x4 route with some walking tours to access to the waterfall and the caves.
  • Couple route: Are you looking for a surprise romantic trip? In the middle of the trip at the arrival to the waterfall or the swamp, you will find a bottle of champagne and chocolate to enjoy in the middle of nature. (This offer has a different rate, to be agreed).
  • Retirees trip: Are you looking to access to inhospitable places without having to climb costly mountains by foot? With our 4x4 you will arrive to natural landscapes without too much effort. Stops in a small rural town and in an Romanique Hermitage before arriving to Estaño Alpino.

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What does the activity include
  • 4X4 guide
  • Refreshment (any offer).
How long the activity lasts
The duration of our 4x4 trips is 2 hours.
When your activity starts and finishes
To be concreted.

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