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Barcelona (Ciudad) (Barcelona)
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No wonder you want to learn to fly because... who wouldn't want to be the pilot of their adventure through the air? And although getting started in this fascinating environment together with highly recognized professionals in the oldest school in Barcelona on an in-flight training course  seems unattainable, but with us it is easier than ever.

Our flight school is located in Barcelona itself but all the theoretical training of this flight course for beginners as well as the practical part will be carried out at the airfield de Igualada-Ódena aboard a Diamond DA40 aircraft.

Our course is designed as a recreational flight, closer to being a hobby than to being a professional training, but we cannot forget that with this training you will have enough knowledge to fully enjoy any aeronautical activity. You will even be able to bring your certificate in the future if you are looking to train at a more advanced level.

From the hand of one of our experienced pilots you will receive an introduction to the bases of aerodynamics such as geographical references, flight planning or navigation systems. But also aspects related to meteorology, flight principles or the human factor.

All this we will put into practice when having the experience of 30-minute flight in which you, together with the instructor pilot, will put yourself in command of the plane. After the theoretical part, what we really like will take place, the moment of flying. The half-hour flight will be on board a modern and powerful aircraft with up to 10 hours of autonomy, prepared for instrumental flights, autopilot and up to 4 seats, making a difference with the rest of the aircraft prepared for these recreational flights.

You will go up to the cabin of the AD40 light aircraft the instructor and you to fly in unison for 30 minutes, exploring the surroundings of Ódena. Although the expert is in charge of the most complex manoeuvers, you will have the best opportunity to demonstrate your aeronautical skills, putting into practice everything you have learned while allowing yourself to be guided by the pilot.

Without a doubt, an experience to remember that will only allow you to get started in the exciting world of aviation. A basic flying course for all those passionate about the heights.

Fly an Aeroplane in SpainFly an Aeroplane Barcelona

What does the activity include
  • Special flight at sunset
  • Theoretical flight introduction
  • 30 minute flight
  • Instructor pilot
  • Required insurances
How long the activity lasts
The course in total can be done in a single day even if the flight lasts 30 minutes.
When your activity starts and finishes
On weekends and holidays, the starting time of the activity is 11:00 am, and the finishing time will depend on the time of the year. Check with us for flights on weekdays.

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1 - 2 people
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Questions with the reservation? Call us at 0034 91 790 79 09!


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