Ride on a balloon, Burgos. Meal, toast and Photos

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Montejo De San Miguel (Burgos)
Flying on Medina Pomar Balloon next to the tower Crossing the clouds Gazing the forest Flying!
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Description of Ride on a balloon, Burgos. Meal, toast and Photos

Would you like to discover Burgos from the air? Now you can do it with this ride on an aerostatic hot-air balloon!

We are going to to a flight over Las Merindades, discovering, from a prividedge viewpoint, several areas such as Medina de Pomar or Ojo Guareña. If those areas are great on foot, imagine the aereal shot!

At 8.00 am we will be preparing the balloon to start flying. The reason to meet so early in the morning is because the weather conditions to flight are perfect at this time of the day. 

We will fly around an hour and 15 minutes. We are going to take photos and record a video of the trip, so you can take the photos and videoshoot  for free after the ride. 

We always toast with champagne, following tradition. Once we land, we will taste a meal and you can share your experience on the balloon with us. 

We will give you a flight certificate!

Enjoy this great ride on a balloon in Burgos!

Ballooning in SpainBallooning BurgosBallooning Montejo De San Miguel

What does the activity include
  • Ride on a balloon
  • Movings to the flight area, from our center
  • Toast with Champagne
  • Meal
  • Certificate
  • Photos and videos
  • Accident and Civil Liability Insurances
How long the activity lasts
The flight will last around 75 minutes. The complete activity around 4 hours. 
When your activity starts and finishes
We will start around 8.00 am. We will finish around 14.00pm

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