Hot Air Balloon+Brunch+DVD+Pics in Segovia

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Segovia (Ciudad) (Segovia)
Over the aqueduct Above the cathedral The castle in the background Greatly equipped to flight a balloon Starting the balloon flight session Taking-off on the colourful aerostatic balloon
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Description of Hot Air Balloon+Brunch+DVD+Pics in Segovia

Get a different perspective of the city of Segovia while enjoying an unforgettable experience ... A balloon flight! And we are going to do it in a basket of 8 passengers, nothing to do with the overcrowded that carry up to 20 people at a time. We want it to be a near and as beautiful experience as possible.

Only 1 hour from Madrid, this unique city is located where we will take off 200 meters from its historic center. During the walk, we will enjoy the privileged views, as if we were birds, of icons such as its fortress, the cathedral and of course ... It's a famous Roman aqueduct!

In addition to attending all phases of this adventure, from its assembly and dismantling, we will perform an air baptism ceremony, with a diploma included, that we will celebrate with a bottle of champagne, and we will toast for the next adventure.

We finish with a lunch of first quality in which you will have an omelet of potato, fuet, cheese and ham serrano. If you are vegetarian or have any food intolerance, just tell us with time to adapt.

Discover as never before Segovia, from the air, with a balloon ride to remember!
  • Meeting point: General Hospital of Segovia
  • Start date of the activity: 7: 00-8: 00 in the morning, depending on the month of the year.
* Rate for adults (from 14 years old). Children have a reduced rate.

Ballooning in SpainBallooning SegoviaBallooning Segovia (Ciudad)

What does the activity include
  • A 1-hour hot air balloon flight in Segovia.
  • Participation in the flight preparation.
  • Free HD video footage.
  • Champagne toast.
  • Picnic with Iberian hams
  • Accident and Civil Liability insurance.
How long the activity lasts
The flight itself has a duration of approximately 1 hour, while the entire activity lasts for approximately 4 hours.
When your activity starts and finishes
We start the activity coinciding with the sunrise: 7.00 - 8.00 A.M, depending on the season.

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