Balloon flight in Seville with Breakfast

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Gines, Seville
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Description of Balloon flight in Seville with Breakfast

Enjoy an activity that leaves a mark... Do you dare with a balloon ride? Discover the province of Sevillefrom a different perspective... From the air and in a hot air balloon!

Fly over in our balloons:

  • North of the Doñana National Park
  • The Green Corridor of the Guadiamar.
The activity starts early, between 6 and 8:30 am depending on the weather, around 7:00 in the morning, because we have to take advantage of the more stable winds to help us with the flight of this giant aircraft.

The meeting point will be at the Paseo de Colón, in front of the famous Torre del Oro of the Andalusian capital. We will be waiting for you there to travel in our 4x4 vehicles to Sanlúcar la Mayor, at exit 16 of the Huelva motorway, to go to the Las Nieves service area.

Once the balloon is ready, the time for the real adventure will have arrived. You will board the gondola to enjoy an unforgettable balloon ride around Seville that lasts 1 hour approximately.

When you land, flooded with emotion by the experience lived with this balloon flight, the second part of the adventure will be waiting for you. We will not only toast with cava and present you with the diploma in the typical flight ceremony, but we will also have prepared a typical breakfast of the area, to continue commenting on the best moments lived during the flying ride.

Ready to take off?

*This activity is subject to weather conditions

Hot Air Balloon Rides Hot Air Balloon Rides AndalucíaHot Air Balloon Rides Seville

What does the activity include
  • Balloon flight of between 60 and 90 minutes.
  • Participation in inflation and deflation
  • Transfers from our meeting points.
  • Hat.
  • Breakfast.
  • Delivery of diplomas.
  • Toast with cava.
  • Accident and Civil Liability insurance.
How long the activity lasts
  • Flight duration: between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on weather conditions
  • Duration of the activity: from 4 to 5 hours.
When your activity starts and finishes

The activity will start at dawn depending on the months of the year:

  • Between June and July at 06:00 am
  • Between May and August at 06:30am
  • Between April and September at 07:00 am
  • Between March and October at 07:30 am
  • Between February and November at 08:00 am
  • Between January and December at 08:30am
Minimum age
12 years
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