Hot-air balloon in Sierra de Albarracín Couples

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Calomarde (Teruel)

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After reading what we have to tell you, close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine yourself visiting Sierra de Albarracín landscape on a hot-air balloon along with your partner or friend without anyone else except for the pilot. You have this opportunity close at hand because we offer you an exclusive flight experience on a intimate basket since its maximum capacity is limited to 2 people.

If Albarracín rings a bell to you, this is probably because this town is well-known due to its beauty. In fact, it is considered one of the most beautiful towns of Spain. The takeoff area is less than 20 minutes away from this town by car, so you will have fantastic views along the tour. Calomarde, where the takeoff point is located, has 1,300 metres of altitude, so you will be able to see an area full of pine woods and intact riverbeds of rivers which inundate the canyons of this area.

We will take off early in the morning looking for the perfect weather conditions for the tour. We will be waiting for you to inflate the air-balloon with the air that will allow us to go up. Once everything is ready, we will have 60-minute flight ahead.

The hot-air balloon does not follow a fixed itinerary, so we will let the wind lead us. Along the tour, we will be seeing different villages of Sierra de Albarracín, Puente de Toba sometimes, Río Blanco canyons or even the surroundings of Ciudad Encantada, which is near Cuenca. Nonetheless, the most beautiful area you are going to see is Montes Universales.

The landing will be a surprise because it will be leaded by the wind. The basket will land after 1 hour approximately. We will also count on you to deflate the balloon, if you agree to do so. We will thank you taking part in this adventure with a warm breakfast in a typical bar of the area at no extra cost.

*We will meet at the takeoff area in Calomarde.

What does the activity include
  • Hot-air balloon tour with 2 people capacity plus the pilot.
  • Taking part in the inflating and deflating of the hot-air balloon.
  • Breakfast in a bar nearby.
How long the activity lasts
The flight is 60 minutes long but the experience in general is a couple of hours long (breakfast + preparation of the hot-air balloon).

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Questions with the reservation? Call us at 0034 91 790 79 09!


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