Boat route in Montsec, children offer

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Fascinating landscapes Boat tour across the Montsec mountains A place inhabited by vultures Boat tour in Montsec Views from the Congost de Fet Wall of Muralla de Finestres Route on boat through the Montsec
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The mountain range of the Montsec awaits infinite natural treasures hidden in its mountainous system, and it is in this privileged zone where you can enjoy a boat route through the most beautiful and hidden areas of Montsec.

Starting from the Canelles reservoir, whose shining blue waters reflect the landscape of the sky like a mirror, we will take a route 22 km of 1 hour and a half, where we will visit natural spots the beauty of which is simply fantastic.

Our first course will be the Congosto de Fet, probably the most beautiful excursion we can offer to all nature lovers. We will navigate through this gorge filled with the waters of the Noguera Pallaresa river, where tranquillity and silence are representative of the natural richness of this area. Here, in these calm and turquoise waters, we will be surrounded by beige cliffs and deep green trees, where we will hear in the distance the songs of the "blancafort vultures", which will sing the prelude of our next stop.

At one point, we will find almost completely vertical walls where a large number of vulture colonies reside, which are really characteristic of these areas and which act as sentinels of this beautiful area. We are talking about being able to contemplate the vultures of Blancafort, while a true natural paradise surrounds us, since this whole area is one of the few ones in Spain that is completely virgin.

Finally, we will get to contemplate the unknown but impressive wall of Muralla de Finestres. This is a rock formation that seems to be the work of man, but which turns out to be an unparalleled creation of nature. We are talking about a geographical accident, whose rocky formation forms a great wall that rises above these turquoise waters. Such a creation of nature will undoubtedly leave us stunned, to such an extent that we are sure it will be a memory that will remain marked in your memory forever.

Discover this hidden paradise and its forgotten and still unknown natural beauties. An unparalleled family adventure that will surprise the little ones, bringing them closer to nature and the importance of its protection and preservation.

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  • Powered boat tour for children
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This boat tour will last about 1 hour and a half.

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