Heifer fighting and lunch for 6 h in Ciudad Real

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Miguelturra (Ciudad Real)
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Description of Heifer fighting and lunch for 6 h in Ciudad Real

Are you and your group of friends thinking about hosting a big and very special event? How does celebrating it with a heifer fighting, accompanied by a delicious meal in an ideal location in the city of Ciudad Real sound to you? If fun, an adrenaline rush, and nature are the things you are looking for, then this is exactly what you will find in our facilities. 

The heifer fighting will start around 13:00, and will last approximately until 19:00 (we will stop from 15:00 to 16:00 to have lunch). Like any other event heifer fighting activity, we will let the heifers out for you to try your skills at bullfighting and bull-leaping. You will need to be agile since our heifers will be too. 

This activity is aimed at private groups of people over 16 years old. Which means that you won't need to share the space with anyone else outside of your group. The only requirement is that you will need to be a group of minimum 15 people. And if you are a very large group, don't worry, since our property has a capacity for up to 200 people. Also, we will have a surprise for you when you arrive; you will also be able to go horseback riding in our property. 

After so so much exercise, you will surely get hungry. For this reason, about 15:00 you will have everything ready for you to try the delicious menu we will have prepared for you. This menu will start with a welcome cocktail consisting mainly of traditional local dishes such as "migas manchegas", "gachas del cortijo", traditional Spanish omelette "tortilla de patatas", eggplant, and an assortment of nuts and dried fruit. 

After that, you will head to the dining hall, where you will be able to choose between two main courses: beef stew with potatoes and peppers, and mixed paella. For dessert, homemade cake, or some ice-cream. And, to go down with the food, you will have a 2-hour free bar with beer, sangría, and soft drinks. 

We will put everything and everyone at your disposal, to make this an incredible day of fun that you will never forget. So, will you join us?

*For groups of a different number of people, get in touch with us. 

Bull Fighting in SpainBull Fighting Ciudad RealBull Fighting Miguelturra

What does the activity include
  • Heifer fighting.
  • 3 heifers. 
  • Brief horseback riding tour. 
  • Lunch. 
  • Free bar (2 hours). 
How long the activity lasts
This activity will have a total duration of 6 hours. 
When your activity starts and finishes
Every, from 13:00 to 15:00 h., and from 16:00 to 19:00 h. We will stop for 1 hour to have lunch.

Deal availability

Basic information

15 - 50 people
39€ 24% from
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Questions and answers about the activity

Questions with the reservation? Call us at 0034 91 790 79 09!


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