Climbing course, Level I in Málaga

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Málaga (Ciudad) (Málaga)
Climbing rocks Holding the rock With security and an expert guide Climbing in difficult circumstance Climbing

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Description of Climbing course, Level I in Málaga

If you want to start climbing, this course of level I is perfect for you.

It is a location with privileged sightings of Málaga you can experience the adrenaline and the emotion of being a climber. Hold tight to the rocks and climb the walls of the mountains while you get closer to the summit. Conquer your fears and overcome your skills.

By your side you will have an instructor with much experience who will teach you the basic concepts of climbing so you start in an appropriate way your route to become a professional climber.

This course will show you the required equipment, the way ithey serve and how they are used. It will also show you the different types of knots so you perform the activity with safety. Skills such as top rope climbing or the initiatory can't miss in your experience.

Apart from a lesson on assurances and facilites of one way so you can feel yourself like the owner of a mountain.

Climbing in SpainClimbing MálagaClimbing Málaga (Ciudad)

What does the activity include
  • All the equipment required to perform the activity
  • Experienced guide will be responsible for teaching you the skills
How long the activity lasts
The course doesn't have a specific time but it will depend on the size of the group, the learning of the team and the criteria of the instructor.
When your activity starts and finishes
The schedule of the activity will go depending on the participants, although it will usually take place at 10 am.

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2 - 10 people
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