Discover Scuba Diving Natural Park Dragonera

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Sant Elm (Mallorca)
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Description of Discover Scuba Diving Natural Park Dragonera

Come with us and enjoy an incredible scuba diving baptism in Mallorca. For the first, you can submerge in the open sea, to explore Dragonera's Natural Park whilst breathing from the regulator. 

Things you will find when taking this course: 
  • We will submerge in the crystal clear waters next to the spectacular surroundings, you will see colorful fishes, all-type water plants and see a whole new world. 
  • You will breathe underwater. 
  • You will feel like an astronaut when floating and feeling a certain weightlessness. 
And, at all times, you will be accompanied by one of our expert scuba diving instructors and professionals on the topic. 

We will anchor to enter the sea to carry out your first tests and then, descend slowly. This will be a very relaxing and very fun experience, you'll see! 

Also, one of the best parts of a Discover Scuba Diving session is that then, you can continue your education with an Open Water Diver course. (This immersion can be part of the course that is offered). 

To carry out the scuba diving baptism will be necessary to: 
  • Be at least 8 and bring a parent's permission. 
  • Know how to swim.
  • Have good health. 
Come to explore Mallorca with your first scuba diving experience! 


Diving in SpainDiving MallorcaDiving Sant Elm

What does the activity include
  • Previous briefing
  • Exercises in shallow waters
  • Immersion in the open sea
  • Material for the baptism
  • Necessary insurances 
How long the activity lasts
The total duration of the activity will be 2 to 3 hours. 

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1 - 10 people
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Questions and answers about the activity

Questions with the reservation? Call us at 0034 91 790 79 09!


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