English & Surfing Camp San Sebastián 1 week

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Donostia san Sebastian (Guipúzcoa)
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Description of English & Surfing Camp San Sebastián 1 week

The summer English and surfing camp is a most exciting proposal for the little ones and an option full of adventures that will enrich their lives and make them learn much more than a language.

In addition to teaching English theoretical classes with teaching specialists, they will also learn to do surf with the help of our professional monitors who will teach them to keep their balance on the board and challenge the very waves of the sea. An exercise that is very beneficial for your health and that you also love.

The camp lasts 1 week, in which children between 6 and 17 years old will practice this well-known water sport on the beaches of the Cantabrian sea. This takes place at the La Salle school, in the city of San Sebastián, although for surf lessons we move to the beach.

They will also do games and workshops with dance monitors, crafts, etc. All for them to relate to each other and have some great days to remember throughout the year.

We have several week options available. It is also compatible with our residential camp!

  • From June 21st to June 27th
  • From June 27th to July 4th
  • From July 4th to July 11th
  • From July 11th to July 18th
  • From July 18th to July 25th

* Every afternoon students can opt for different activities such as chef, surf or football workshops. In this case, it will be necessary to hire it separately at the time of registration.

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What does the activity include
  • Surf lessons 5 hours a week.
  • Instructors and teachers with bilingual domain of English.
  • 10 hours of English classes.
  • Transportation to the beach.
  • Board.
  • Wetsuit.
  • Teaching material included.
  • Outdoor activities.
  • Insurances.
How long the activity lasts

The English surf camp lasts a full week, but you can come two, three, four and five weeks.

When your activity starts and finishes
Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. * You can also come in the afternoons until 7pm and stay in for the night with our residential regime.

Deal availability

Basic information

1 - 100 people
Rewards! 22,44€
Recover the 3% value of each purchase. Rewards can be used in future purchases
Can we help you? Give us a call! 0034 91 790 79 09
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Questions and answers about the activity

Questions with the reservation? Call us at 0034 91 790 79 09!


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