Glider flight in the Aragonese Pyrenees 3 hours

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Santa Cilia De Jaca (Huesca)
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Description of Glider flight in the Aragonese Pyrenees 3 hours

Sometimes 3 hours can be endless, but spending them in a two-seater glider through the mountains of the province of Huesca will literally fly away. You just have to come to Santa Cilia to live one of those that will undoubtedly be one of the best you have in your life.

Your experience will begin at the Santa Cilia airfield, famous for its sports flights like the one you are going to do. It is easy to reach it, very close to well-known towns in the region of Jacetania, such as Jaca.

We understand you will probably be very excited in the face of such an adventure, but before starting to fly we will make a small visit to the center to go explaining in detail how we are going to do this type of engineless flight , so that you ask us all the questions you are curious about, and of course, take some pictures with some of our aircrafts.

When you and the pilot get into the cockpit and everything is ready for the other aircraft to tow you, do not lose attention to anything because this is when the really good part will begin. Subject to the plane by a 50 metres rope, you will slowly gain height in order to reach thousands of meters high enough for you to be able to fly for so many hours. Remember that we will be gliding without an engine!

The views you will have are indescribable. The mountains and valleys that make up the Pyrenees, the Peaks of Hell ... and if the clouds allow it, we might even see up to the Aneto.  All of this, from our glider while we perform manoeuvers that will make us have a different perspective of these views, from a high or low angle, and with turns. The pilot is an expert in this type of flights, so he or she will know how to give you the excitement you need.

All this implies having favourable weather conditions, so we perform flights between the months of March to October. Even so, the days prior to your reservation we will keep you informed in case there are any setbacks regarding the weather.

Experiencing the most incredible sensations you will feel is possible thanks to our glider flights. See it for yourself with us.

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What does the activity include
  • Briefing
  • Glider flight
  • Pilot
  • Insurances
How long the activity lasts
You will be flying for 3 hours on the glider, to which you must add the time of the previous explanation.
When your activity starts and finishes
You can make the flight from 11 am to 5 pm, between the months of March and October.

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