Mini-course Glider Flying Santa Cilia

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Santa Cilia De Jaca (Huesca)
Flying practice in Santa Cilia Mini glider flying course Glider flying baptism in Huesca Flying over the summits of Huesca

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Description of Mini-course Glider Flying Santa Cilia

Have you ever imagined being able to go on board of a flight in which you are in control of the commmands. Those who have dreamed about doing something like this will be able to make their dream come true with this glider flying mini-course. With the help of our specialized flying instructors you will be able to learn the basics of flying a glider so that you will be able to fly it on your own. This course awaits in Santa Cilia's airdrome. 

We will divide the course into a theory and practice parts. The instructors will focus the theory lessons in teaching you the basics of flying any aircraft. This way, once you have mastered the theory, will move to putting it into practice with our glider. 

What will this practice consist in? You will hop into our glider with an instructor who will show you all the steps you will need to follow. To make sure you have gotten  the hang of it, we will carry out 4 flights of 30 minutes each, and a final 60-minute flight where you will be pilotting the glider yourself. 

The flights will be carried out in the insurpassable surroundings of Huesca's nature. You will fly over well-known and beautiful areas such as Bisaurín, Collarada, Pico del Aspe, etc. Because, once you learn how to fly, you will learn how to appreciate the landscape from a different and new perspective: from above. 

This course will help you in the future, if you decide to resume your traininh as a pilot, and eventually learn how to take off and land on your own, two very difficult maneuvers that you can learn to master in no time with more practice. 

*We recommend doing this course in 2 to 3 days, to help you feel your progress better. 

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What does the activity include
  • Glider flying classes 
  • Theory lessons 
  • 5 flights: 4 flying practices of 30 minutes and 1 flight of 60 minutes where you will be the one flying. 
  • Insurances
  • Material 
How long the activity lasts
This course can be completed within 2 or 3 days. 
When your activity starts and finishes
Classes will start from 12:00 h.

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