Baptism of flight in glider Sierra Guadarrama

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Fuentemilanos (Segovia)
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Description of Baptism of flight in glider Sierra Guadarrama

You will be with us that flying is something that amazes anyone, but (unfortunately) we are not birds and we always have to provide ourselves with motors and large kites for it. But what if we tell you that flying without an engine with us is possible? You will not be able to stop hallucinating when the plane towing the glider , where you will go on board, lets go of the rope and lets you fly over the Sierra de Guadarrama freely.

Your adventure begins at the Fuentemilanos aerodrome , where our pilots and flight instructors will be waiting for you to begin with a brief previous lesson so that you know what your gliding experience will consist of. . We have solid years of experience as well as a technical team specialized in this type of flight, so they are excited but totally calm.

When everything is ready, you will board the sailboat . It lacks an engine, however its huge wings will allow the aerodynamic to glide freely through the sky once the plane in charge of towing you releases you in the heights. At that moment, the biggest adrenaline rush you can remember will take place. No more.

You will glide over the Sierra de Guadarrama, being able to appreciate that immense extension of green paths and yet, appreciating it in a totally different way than what you are used to, as well as its birds from which we will have adopted their form of flight.

The flight always depends on the weather conditions on the chosen day, but always around 20-30 minutes, unless you are too adverse for the activity, in which case it would simply be transferred to the next available day.

From the age of 14, or even if the person who is going to fly weighs more than 50 kg (in both cases with parental authorization), they can try our baptism of flight on a sailboat . And it is not surprising that every adventurer wants to have this indescribable experience. Or are you not excited about your next adventure?

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What does the activity include
  • Pre-flight training
  • Tow plane
  • Flight instructor
  • Glider
How long the activity lasts
The duration of the flight itself will depend on the weather conditions but will take around 20-30 minutes, plus whatever it takes to prepare.
When your activity starts and finishes
Every day at the following times (may vary depending on the time of year):
  • 11.00h
  • 12.00h
  • 13.00h
  • 14.00h
  • 16.00h
  • 17.00h
Minimum age
14 years

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