Hiking through the Torcal Labyrinth 3 hours

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Antequera (Málaga)
 Guided tour of the Torcal Tour of the Torcal labyrinth  Trekking tour of the Torcal  Panoramic from the Torcal  Guided tour of the Torcal Labyrinth  Guided tour of El Torcal

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Description of Hiking through the Torcal Labyrinth 3 hours

Have you ever admired an environment in which rocks are protagonists? No, we are not talking about the faces carved on Mount Rushmore, in the States. Without the need of crossing the Atlantic ocean, you have an authentic natural spot which is almost untouched  by human activity, and the beauty of which cannot compare to any other place in the Iberian peninsula. This is the Torcal Labyrinth, and we will take you on a 3-hour hiking trail to show you its wonders.

Located in the town of Antequera, in Málaga, it is a grouping of karst rock formations that can be found across the upper Torcal area. It is a tour where you will explore the most beautiful nature of Malaga and where you will also know the vegetation of the place.

Perfect to come as a family due to its low difficulty, you will enjoy with your children on this tour through the wild area of Antequera. In it, in addition to the attractiveness of the rocks, we can also find species in the wild such as the golden eagle, the partridge eagle and the peregrine falcon. Birds that live together with foxes, rabbits and weasels.

If you want to enjoy a pleasant hike, full of life and with great views, this is the appropriate route for you.

* The minimum number of people required to carry out the activity is 10 people.

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What does the activity include
  • Local guide
  • Hiking trail in Torcal labyrinth
How long the activity lasts
The estimated duration of the activity is 3 hours.
When your activity starts and finishes
The departure is scheduled at 10:00 hours.

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1 - 100 people
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