Horse riding camp with languages, Novallas 1 week

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Novallas (Zaragoza)
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Description of Horse riding camp with languages, Novallas 1 week

We have a horse riding camp with languages perfect to your children where they'll learn all the basic techniques of this sports discipline. At the same time, they'll learn a second language choosing from English or French. Our camp takes place in the town of Novallas, in Zaragoza during July and it lasts one week.

It is a camp for children between 5 and 16 years old divided in groups of 10 children maximum.

We'll stay in tents located in the camp, but we also have a refuge in case the weather was bad. Our activities will take place in the Club Hípico in Novallas, Zaragoza.

We teach all participants the love for riding and nature. At the same time, they'll improve their second language, English or French.

They are divided in small groups, homogeneous in level and age. The teachers are bilingual or native speakers.

We have different activities:
  • Horseback riding
  • Team games
  • Dynamics
  • Music and theatre workshops
They combine riding training with 1 daily hour of English or French. In addition to the theoretical classes they'll work the listening, the correct pronuntiation and the speaking.
  • Children from Primary School (theoretical classes to speak and improve the pronuntiation, listening and vocabulary)
  • Children from Secundary School (theoretical classes of English or French grammar with conversation and enjoyable activities)
We count with the best instructors and riding teachers with a lot of experience. The games and workshops are made with native speaker instructors and English or French teachers.

Our camp lasts 1 week during July, always from Monday to Saturday.

This is the perfect opportunity to your children, where they'll improve their personal autonomy, they'll practice their favourite sport and will enjoy the nature!

*The student shoud bring to the camp: helmet (obligatory), comfortable long trousers, pool bag and toilet bag.

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What does the activity include
  • Horse riding lessons
  • English or French grammar lessons
  • Music and theatre workshops
  • Manual arts
  • Games and dynamics
  • English or French native speaker teachers
  • Horseback riding specialists
  • Full board accommodation
  • Accident and civil liability insurances
How long the activity lasts
The camp lasts 6 days and 5 nights, 1 week from Monday to Saturday.
When your activity starts and finishes
Timetable of one day in the camp: 9:30 Assembly 10:00 Grammar
Full board accommodation, we stay in tents, but in case the weather conditions were bad we stay at the refuge.

The activities in the riding club are the followings:
  • Big boxes, paddocks and indoor and outdoor tracks.
  • Large room and multipurpose rooms.
  • Parking
  • Bus access
  • Playground
  • Climbing wall
  • Gardens

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