2h Horse riding tour Montseny + free mini-class

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Canoves (Barcelona)
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Description of 2h Horse riding tour Montseny + free mini-class

We will be exploring the Montseny Natural Park and its surroundings on horseback for 2 hours, delving into its mysterious woods, going both uphill and downhill and taking in the amazing natural scenery. If everyone agrees and is comfortable with it, we can even try trotting and galloping, if you have the skills for it. 

We will start this route from our property located in the outskirts of Cardedeu. Thanks to its close proximity to this natural reserve, it won't take us very long to arrive to the Montseny. Following our guide, you will ride across the forests, go up steep dirt roads, and will even trot and gallop if you have the riding skills for it. 

It will be a very easy tour, but since it will be 2 hours long, the minimum age to join us is 13 years old, and the maximum age is 60 years old, unless you have experience. If you meet the requirements, you will enjoy a more than pleasant trip across the nature.

* Maximum weight: 187 pounds (85 kg). In case you are not sure, we will have to check your weight.
** We recommend wearing comfortable clothes.
*** These offers are only valid if you purchase this activity at Yumping.com, and do it at least 24 hours beforehand.

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What does the activity include
  • 2-hour horseback tour.
  • Free horse riding class.
  • Gear.
  • Supervisor.
  • Accident and Civil Liability insurance.
  • Optional disposable plastic cap.
How long the activity lasts
2-hour horseback trip + free horse riding lesson.
When your activity starts and finishes
Mornings and afternoons. Please check availability.

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Questions and answers about the activity

Questions with the reservation? Call us at 0034 91 790 79 09!
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Question: Can it be done with a 5-year-old on the same horse as the adult?
Answer: The routes on horseback are for people over 12 years old, children so young cannot do this type of route.
Organizing company | ago 3 months
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Question: How do I have to be dressed to do the activity?
Answer: As if you were going for a walk in the country, with sneakers or boots.
Organizing company | ago 11 months


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