Horseback tour in Sierra Moncayo + lodge

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Novallas (Zaragoza)

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Description of Horseback tour in Sierra Moncayo + lodge

Are you a fan of horses? We have a horse route which is perfect for you, we will visit the Sierra de Moncayo for approximately 10 hours (between 2 days) enjoying the best natural settings of the environment of Moncayo. Our pack also includes accommodation for 1 night in rural house, hotel or shelter depending on the route.

We will visit the Sierra de Moncayo, a natural and preserved place located in Zaragoza on horseback will transport us to an enviable natural setting. We will always be accompanied by a qualified guide who will show us all the secret corners of the mountain range.

After the route you can stay in a welcoming lodge in the environment of Moncayo, which has all the services required so you regain your strength on horseback riding. Don't hesitate more and enjoy this horse riding route.

* We depart in reduced groups to perform the route (a maximum of 10 horses)

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What does the activity include
  • 10-hour horse riding for 2 days
  • Renting a horse 
  • Service of qualified guide
  • Diets
  • Accommodation in rural house, hotel or shelter (depends on the route we perform)
  • Civil liability and accident insurance
How long the activity lasts
Our horse riding lasts 2 days, we will perform 10 hours on horseback riding.
Lodge in rural house, hotel and shelter with all the required services and facilities. The type of accommodation will be determined depending on the route we perform.

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1 - 10 people
Rewards! 7,50€
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Questions with the reservation? Call us at 0034 91 790 79 09!


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