3h Ornithological Kayak Route, San Pedro Pescador

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Sant Pere Pescador (Girona)
Kayak in Aiguamoll Kayaks fleet in San Pere Pescador Having fun in the waters of Girona Mediterranean Resting at the coast Watching our self-emptying kayaks
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Description of 3h Ornithological Kayak Route, San Pedro Pescador

If you love to enjoy nature to the fullest and find in ornithology a passion and escape route, we have for you our "Ornitho Kayak" route in San Pedro Pescador for about 3 hours.

Departing from the Sant Pere Pescador Yacht Club, from where we are located, we will kayak the waters of the Fluvià River, the Aiguamolls Reserve, and the Caramany Island to its mouth in the Mediterranean of Girona, on the Gola Beach.

After explaining the route we are going to take and giving some brief guidelines on how to handle the kayak, we will give you some plastic sheets that will help you at all times to identify the types of birds that we will find on the way.

It is not necessary to have previous experience since our kayak suitable for 2 people is self-emptying and very stable, so you will not have any problem paddling.

We put at your service showers and changing rooms, where you can change at the end of the route and leave your belongings there so they do not run the risk of getting wet.

We will give you all the material you need for this kayak route, so you only have to worry about having a good time and enjoying the surroundings.

Kayaking in SpainKayaking GironaKayaking Sant Pere Pescador

What does the activity include
  • Self-emptying kayak
  • Relevant safety equipment
  • Display
  • Didactic plastic sheets
How long the activity lasts
This special ornithological kayak route lasts 3 hours.

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1 - 99 people
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Questions with the reservation? Call us at 0034 91 790 79 09!


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