Celtic Cabin stay 1 night + multiadventure La Vera

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Cuacos De Yuste (Cáceres)
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Description of Celtic Cabin stay 1 night + multiadventure La Vera

Come and discover Granja de Yuste! We propose to you a multi-adventure getaway with 1 night of accommodation on a top-tier Celtic-style cabin with full-board. And, on top if it, you will also be able to choose between 2 of this activities from the following list, to complete your stay...

Ready for an adventure?
  • Canoeing. We will enjoy riding it within our facilities. 
  • Zip-line. An impressive run of 80 metres of descent.
  • Tibetan bridge. Put your balance to test and try to cross to the other side of the bridge.
  • Climbing and rappelling in a rock wall. An activity that simply can't be missing if what you are looking for is a multi-adventure activity.
  • Archery. Will you be able to hit the bull's-eye?
  • Horseback riding tour. A lovely ride across some of the most hidden and most charming secret places.
  • Orienteering gymkhana. Activities in the nature to help you learn to get your bearings. 
  • Hiking. Tours through the tracks that will take us to the countryside.
A total of 6 hours of activities in the midst of nature. You will choose the activities once you arrive at the accommodation, according to their availability. And, to make sure you have the best services at your disposal, we include full-board and open bar with drinks for lunch and dinner. 

And, guess what? You will find a fireplace and jacuzzi in the cabin.

A perfect plan to share with someone special or with your family, as you come to discover the small region of La Vera, in the province of Cáceres!

* The activities will be selected according to the number of participants.
** The cabins are equipped with single beds. King or double-size beds are not available.
*** You may book either Friday or Saturday night. Please consult availability beforehand.

Multiadventure in SpainMultiadventure CáceresMultiadventure Cuacos De Yuste

What does the activity include
  • 1-night accommodation in a Celtic cabin.
  • Full board.
  • 2 multi-adventure activities, 3 hours in total.
  • Accident and Civil Liability insurance.
How long the activity lasts
1-night accommodation in a Celtic cabin at "Granja de Yuste", in La Vera.
When your activity starts and finishes
Flexible schedule. Please consult availability.
The accommodation includes full boarding, starting with breakfast on Saturday and lunch on Sunday.

The Celtic cabins are equipped with fireplace and jacuzzi.

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