Scholar trip to Valle del Jerte 1 day

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El Torno (Cáceres)
Multiadventure day for schools Trip to recollect cherries Performing the circuit in the trees Route in the Valle del Jerte Instructors who supervise every group Students doing the trip Scholar excursions Schools within our facilities Excursion to Monfrague

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Description of Scholar trip to Valle del Jerte 1 day

Children also learn important values ​​in nature, so we advise you to leave the classroom for a day to go to this school excursion in the Valley of Jerte, an incredible natural space located in Cáceres where you breathe peace and where the children of Elementary, ESO and another students may disconnect.

We have prepared a multitude of activities in which you can develop your physical skills, as well as learning respect for nature and teamwork. First they will make a route to pick up cherries during the months of May to July, and they will be able to take each one a basket with all the fruits that they have collected.

We will take a small pic-nic that each child will have to take prepared, and then we will do 3 multi-adventure activities: a circuit through the trees, where they will have to surpass a tour through the heights in which they will also enjoy the splendid views; An orientation class where they will learn all the techniques not to get lost in the nature; And an archery activity to improve his aim.

Specialized monitors will be responsible for supervising each activity and teaching children everything necessary for each activity. In an environment where self-esteem, respect and camaraderie are encouraged, children will be able to improve relationships with their peers in order to have a positive school environment.

The time of return home will be about 18:30. Therefore, this activity will last for 8 hours. Come and enjoy yourself!

Multiadventure in SpainMultiadventure CáceresMultiadventure El Torno

What does the activity include
  • Expert Monitors
  • Multi-adventure circuit
  • Guidance in nature
  • Archery
  • Civil Insurance Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
How long the activity lasts
The duration of this schola trip is a full day, that is, 8 hours.
When your activity starts and finishes
The activity timetable is from 10:30 until 18:30.

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10 - 100 people
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